Our New Logo

Friday, August 21, 2009 11:34
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Logo Contest Winner

We recently held a logo design contest at LogoTournament.com. There were almost 500 entries in the contest. It was a challenge to judge this contest because there were so many great designs.

We again want to publicly thank all of the designers who participated in the contest.

Congratulations to aremmai for taking first place in the contest. Aremmai’s winning design will soon grace the pages of this site. Read the rest of this entry »

Logo Design Contest Requirements

Thursday, July 30, 2009 14:57
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We need a logo

Please look at the site design images below and then design a logo for our site.

We’ve intentionally left the design requirements pretty open so you can let your creativity flow.  Please create a logo that matches the site design (images below) and that inspires you as a graphic designer. Design the logo as if you wanted it to represent your work as a graphic designer…after all, this site is for you and all other graphic designers to display your work and to get recognized. Read the rest of this entry »

Site Design Contest Winner – Zan Lete

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 12:07
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Homepage Sign Up Area

Man, the web design contest at 99designs.com was awesome! It was so intense!!! There were a lot of talented graphic designers involved with the contest that made it work so well.

The Design Contest

We started out with a couple scattered designs and we were wondering how many we would have by the end, but all of a sudden there was a flood of entries coming in at once! We were overwhelmed because all of them were so awesome that it was hard to sort through them and give the feedback necessary to get exactly what we wanted. Read the rest of this entry »

Homepage Design Requirements

Monday, June 29, 2009 21:50
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*Note: Edits are listed in red.

1. Homepage

The homepage shall have a  fresh, uncluttered, easy to use format. We’re leaning toward Web 2.0. Big, bold fonts, simple clean layout…but, if you have some suggestions, we’re willing to listen. We want the page to be resizable when viewed in different sized windows.  Please design the page/site to a minimum of 960px wide.

The homepage shall include:

1.1 Header section

1.1.1        Logo – We’ll take care of the logo. Please provide a placeholder logo for now.

1.1.2        Login and Registration (Register) links

1.1.3        Search Box Read the rest of this entry »

Gallery Page Requirements

Monday, June 29, 2009 21:49
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1. Gallery Page

The gallery page shall inherit the homepage elements that will be common to all pages on the site (including header, navigation, etc). The page shall be resizable when viewed in different sized windows, without any borders. The page shall include:

1.1 Content

1.1.1        Most Recent Monthly Contest Winner

Our community will be rating designs displayed in designers’ portfolios.

The top section of the gallery page shall display the most recent monthly contest winner. The elements displayed shall include:

  • A section title (i.e. Last Month’s Contest Winner)
  • The winner’s username (links to their profile page)
  • Image of the winning design – this is image could be of a logo, web page, t-shirt or other design, so this image should be big enough to give the viewer an idea of the design. This image will link to a larger version of the image for full-size view.
  • A description of the winning design – this is text that will give a summary of why this design was the winner.
  • A trophy image shall be displayed next to the description – this trophy/award logo will be inserted into the design by us later. Just create a placeholder trophy/award image here.
  • A monetary prize shall be displayed (i.e. $200) – the monthly contest winner will get a prize. This prize amount shall be displayed somewhere near the trophy/award logo. Read the rest of this entry »

Profile Page Design Requirements

Monday, June 29, 2009 21:47
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1. Designer Profile Page

1.1 Header Section – same as Homepage requirements

1.2 Horizontal Navbar – same as Homepage requirements

1.3 Content – There are three main sections within the content section: Designer Profile, Ratings/Feedback, and Portfolio. Though the three sections will be included in the design below, please create tabs for each section at the top (under the navbar and above the Designer Profile). Feel free to ask questions if further explanation is required.

1.3.1        Designer Profile – If this was your own personal profile page, how would you want it to look? The requirements for this page are below, but if there’s anything that is missing, feel free to give us your ideas. We’ll make sure to give a lot of feedback. Thank you in advance for your creativity! Read the rest of this entry »

Not Your Mother’s Design Gallery!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 21:26
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We are in the process of building a design gallery for Professional Graphic Designers and are looking to you to help us. Please post comments about how we can best serve the needs of our fellow graphic designers.

There are a lot of galleries out there, but they just don’t seem to get it. We have ideas as to how we want things done, but we also know that we don’t know everything and want as much feedback as possible on what you like out there and what you don’t like.

We don’t want to be your mother’s next graphic design gallery… We thank you for taking the time to post your comments. Your feedback is invaluable!!