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Monday, June 29, 2009 21:49
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1. Gallery Page

The gallery page shall inherit the homepage elements that will be common to all pages on the site (including header, navigation, etc). The page shall be resizable when viewed in different sized windows, without any borders. The page shall include:

1.1 Content

1.1.1        Most Recent Monthly Contest Winner

Our community will be rating designs displayed in designers’ portfolios.

The top section of the gallery page shall display the most recent monthly contest winner. The elements displayed shall include:

  • A section title (i.e. Last Month’s Contest Winner)
  • The winner’s username (links to their profile page)
  • Image of the winning design – this is image could be of a logo, web page, t-shirt or other design, so this image should be big enough to give the viewer an idea of the design. This image will link to a larger version of the image for full-size view.
  • A description of the winning design – this is text that will give a summary of why this design was the winner.
  • A trophy image shall be displayed next to the description – this trophy/award logo will be inserted into the design by us later. Just create a placeholder trophy/award image here.
  • A monetary prize shall be displayed (i.e. $200) – the monthly contest winner will get a prize. This prize amount shall be displayed somewhere near the trophy/award logo.

1.1.2        Monthly Contest Description Section

Below the monthly contest winner section shall be a section that describes how the Monthly Design Contest works. The description shall include:

  • A section title (i.e. Our Monthly Design Contest)
  • A few descriptive paragraphs explaining how the contest works.
  • A button that says ‘view previous winners’ – this button will link to previous monthly contest winners.

1.1.3        This Month’s Contest Candidates

Below the monthly contest verbiage section shall be a section that displays the current month’s contest candidates. This section shall include:

  • A section title (i.e. This Month’s Contest Candidates)
  • Up to 5 thumbnail images (i.e. 1 per week of the month) of this month’s contest winner candidates – these images will link to a page with more details about the entry. The thumbnails shall be big enough to fill the width of the page in 1 row.
  • The designer’s username shall be displayed below each thumbnail image.
  • The design rating (i.e. 1 – 5 stars) shall be displayed below each image.

1.1.4        Design Pool

Below the monthly contest candidates section shall be a section that displays the top rated designs for the month. The display shall include rows of design thumbnail images the same size as those listed in this month’s contest candidates section (1.1.3). At least 5 rows of entries shall be displayed. Each entry shall have the following elements:

  • A thumbnail image of the design – similar in size to those in section 1.1.3
  • The designer’s username shall be displayed below each thumbnail image.
  • The design rating (i.e. 1 – 5 stars) shall be displayed below each image.  Sorting and Filtering

The Design Pool section shall have sorting and filtering elements that allow the user to sort and filter the designs by rating, upload date, etc.  View All

A ‘view all’ link shall be displayed at the bottom of the design pool area. This link will take the user to a page that displays all designs for the month.

1.2 Footer – Footer needs to include links and copyright information:

1.2.1       About Us

1.2.2       Contact Us

1.2.3       Forum

1.2.4       Blog

1.2.5       Privacy Policy

1.2.6       Terms & Conditions

1.2.7       Copyright 2009 GraphicDesignerGallery (no link)

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