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Monday, June 29, 2009 21:50
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*Note: Edits are listed in red.

1. Homepage

The homepage shall have a  fresh, uncluttered, easy to use format. We’re leaning toward Web 2.0. Big, bold fonts, simple clean layout…but, if you have some suggestions, we’re willing to listen. We want the page to be resizable when viewed in different sized windows.  Please design the page/site to a minimum of 960px wide.

The homepage shall include:

1.1 Header section

1.1.1        Logo – We’ll take care of the logo. Please provide a placeholder logo for now.

1.1.2        Login and Registration (Register) links

1.1.3        Search Box

1.2 Horizontal Navbar with links to the following:

1.2.1        Home

1.2.2        Categories

1.2.3        Designers

1.2.4        Designer News

1.2.5        Gallery

1.2.6        My Account

1.3 Content

1.3.1        HomePage Splash Content        Start Your Portfolio – 3 Easy Steps on the left-hand side of the page. We want the text to be large and easy to read. Also we’d like to have a specific call to action for them to sign up using the webform, mentioned next.        Start Your Portfolio Webform – Allows entry of basic information to start. Place this to the right of the 3 Easy Steps. The basic information should be listed as follows:        Name        E-mail        Password        Re-type password        Country

1.3.2        Weekly and Monthly Spotlight – We will have a weekly and monthly spotlight of graphic designers and their designs, one in each category. This section will be found directly under the 3 Steps to starting the portfolio and the Webform for signup. This section needs to include:              Title = Monthly Spotlight              Designer’s name              Designer’s design we are spotlighting              Description next to the design

1.3.3        Newest Member Listing – We want to have a list, below the Weekly Spotlight, of all the newest members of the site. Each listing needs to have the following information:              Member Name              Short Bio              Date & Time Joined              Last Entry Date – Last image uploaded into their portfolio              Number of Entries – Number of entries in their portfolio              Points – we’ll have a point system where graphic designers and their peers have a chance to rate each other.

1.3.4       View All Designers Link – Just below the New Members list, we need a link that allows them to “View All Designers” if they choose to do so.

1.4 Footer – Footer needs to include links and copyright information:

1.4.1       About Us

1.4.2       Contact Us

1.4.3       Forum

1.4.4       Blog

1.4.5       Privacy Policy

1.4.6       Terms & Conditions

1.4.7       Copyright 2009 GraphicDesignerGallery (no link)

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