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Monday, June 29, 2009 21:47
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1. Designer Profile Page

1.1 Header Section – same as Homepage requirements

1.2 Horizontal Navbar – same as Homepage requirements

1.3 Content – There are three main sections within the content section: Designer Profile, Ratings/Feedback, and Portfolio. Though the three sections will be included in the design below, please create tabs for each section at the top (under the navbar and above the Designer Profile). Feel free to ask questions if further explanation is required.

1.3.1        Designer Profile – If this was your own personal profile page, how would you want it to look? The requirements for this page are below, but if there’s anything that is missing, feel free to give us your ideas. We’ll make sure to give a lot of feedback. Thank you in advance for your creativity!        Logo / Picture        Bio – format the page in a way that if the bio is a little lengthy the resize won’t ruin the rest of the format on the page        Link to Website        Overall Rating – Starred rating        Average Rating by Category – Starred ratings by these categories:        Creativity        Composition        Balance        Most Recent Submissions – Most recent submissions to their portfolio        Highest Rated Submissions – Portfolio entries they’ve entered that are the highest rated by their peers

1.3.2        Ratings/Feedback – The graphic designer ratings/feedback section shall display the ratings/feedback provided by fellow graphic designers. The display shall list the same elements as the following, only formatted much better:



Rating Category




Nice job! You’re a very professional designer.

Rating: 4.6








very well done

Rating: 3.6








I want to be like you someday! Great work!

Rating: 5.0







Page : << 1 2 3 4 5 >>

1.3.3        Portfolio Section – The Portfolio section includes tabs in it. These tabs will represent the categories in which the designers have submitted artwork and will display the artwork in the categories listed below:        Tabbed Categories        Favorites        Logos        Print        Clothing        Web Pages        Stationery        Banner Ads        Buttons & Icons        Twitter Backgrounds    All        Image Display Format – This is the way we’d like the images to display. If there are any better ideas out there, please let us know. We’d love to see what you’ve got. We included a picture below of how it potentially could look, but don’t want this to limit you:        Images in each category need to display at 162 x 126        There needs to be arrows on the left and right, or some sort of graphic, letting the user know that there are more images that can be seen by clicking.


1.4 Footer – Same as footer in the Homepage requirements

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