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Wednesday, July 8, 2009 12:07
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Man, the web design contest at was awesome! It was so intense!!! There were a lot of talented graphic designers involved with the contest that made it work so well.

The Design Contest

We started out with a couple scattered designs and we were wondering how many we would have by the end, but all of a sudden there was a flood of entries coming in at once! We were overwhelmed because all of them were so awesome that it was hard to sort through them and give the feedback necessary to get exactly what we wanted.

The Designers

ProvenMill, sheeze, d.whizzle, nitagale, h2orius, Carvingdezine, netbluez, KMDesigns, Alitimate, madebynoodle, Mabuhay, GDT Designs, bearbrick, Soul Designer, SouM, and so many other great designers were involved. They all helped to make this contest the best contest ever!

The Struggle

It was a very difficult decision because not only were the designs great, but we were also able to see the different personalities of the designers, not just from their designs, but from the messages sent and how they interacted with us. They are all very professional individuals and we know they are successful at what they do. They are passionate about graphic design and we see it!

The hardest part, for all of us and the graphic designers involved, was that we couldn’t give all of the details of this project. Though this made it a little difficult we were able to get exactly what we wanted. In fact, the designs were so great that we felt we needed to award at least a second place prize.

The Contest Winners

Zan Lete (zanlete) stole first place in the contest, giving him $1,400 to “Go out to dinner” and have a day off! Lee Carpenter (ClaX) came in at second and received a prize of $1,000!

We want to congratulate Zan Lete as our first place winner and graphic designer for our website. It is going to be awesome!


Here are some screenshots of our new design, so you can get a small idea of what’s to come. Please leave comments and tell us what you think.

New Member Section:

New Designer List

Graphic Designer Profile:

Graphic Designer Profile Page

Monthly Contest/Gallery Page:

Monthly Contest Winner

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